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October 24, 2021

Energetic Healing

Energetic Healing at Park Integrative Health

What is energetic healing?

Energetic healing is a technique that is centred on the concept that your body has a natural ability to heal itself. At Park Integrative Health, we offer a variety of approaches to energetic healing, including Reiki, guided meditation, and more.

Energetic healing involves different therapeutic methods that work with energy in a client’s physical or subtle body to regain stasis and facilitate a body’s natural healing processes.

When should I visit an Energetic Healer?

There are many benefits to energetic healing including, relieving stress; assisting with grief, forgiveness, regret, pain, suffering, confusion, or conflict; helping with relationships with self and others, aiding with depression or anxiety, and much more.

What should I expect from an energetic healing appointment?

Clients can expect energetic healing appointments to range between 60 and 90-minutes in length. Sessions begin with a brief Q and A dialogue where the practitioner can begin to understand the client energetically and their wellness goals. Clients will then get to experience our warm, comforting treatment tables as they lie down for the treatment. Practitioners may wave hands above a client’s body and may make contact occasionally with a light touch. All the sessions are done with pure understanding, compassion and without judgment as this is the client’s own unique journey of self-discovery. Following treatment, clients meet with the practitioner to discuss the session and what a treatment plan may look like going forward.

Through our integrative approach, it’s common for our Energetic Healers to work collaboratively with physicians and other allied health practitioners you may be seeing at our clinic. The goal is always the same: take an integrative approach to medicine that empowers you to reach your highest expression of wellness.