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October 24, 2021

Integrative Health Assessment

Integrative Health Assessments at Park Integrative Health

What is an Integrative Health Assessment?

The Integrative Health Assessment is a consult and follow-up style appointment with Park Integrative Health’s (PIH) Nurse Practitioner. A Nurse Practitioner is a Registered Nurse who has undertaken graduate education and training in advanced clinical practice, Masters’s program, and clinical practicums. The Integrative Health Assessment includes a comprehensive health assessment, a diagnosis of health/illness conditions (where applicable), treatment and management of acute and chronic illness within a holistic model of care, ordering and interpreting screening and diagnostic testing, prescribing medications and therapeutic interventions, and consultation with medical and Allied Health Practitioners to provide ongoing management.

For more information on working with a Nurse Practitioner in Alberta, please read through our FAQ here.

When should I book an Integrative Health Assessment?

An Integrative Health Assessment is for anyone looking for a personalized assessment by a medical provider (a Nurse Practitioner) with a focus on integrative healthcare. Working with PIH’s Nurse Practitioner is a great option for individuals or families who may not have a family physician but are looking to begin their health journey with a basic assessment to identify what their needs and next steps should be. The Integrative Health Assessment is also a great potion for clients who are already accessing allied health services and would like a medical tie-in.

Visit us for:

– Advanced health assessment

– Diagnosis

– Ordering and interpreting diagnostic tests

– Prescribing pharmacotherapy

– Treatment and advanced interventions, such as simple procedures and injections

– Monitoring client outcomes

– Follow-up care

– Consultation and referral (if required)

What should I expect from an Integrative Health Assessment appointment?

The Integrative Health Assessment begins with a one-hour consult with PIH’s Nurse Practitioner, where intake and initial medical recommendations are made. Laboratory tests and/or prescriptions may be provided during the one-hour consult if required or deemed necessary by the Nurse Practitioner. The Integrative Health Assessment also includes a consult with a member of our Client Care Coordinator team who will work with clients to develop specific health and wellness goals.

Subsequent 30-minute follow-up appointments may be book with the Nurse Practitioner to determine future wellness plans and referral if appropriate.

Through our integrative approach, the Nurse Practitioner (NP) provides recommendations to our Client Care Coordinators and Allied Health Teams and may refer patients/clients to an internal medicine specialist if additional medical investigations and workup are required. The goal is always the same: take an integrative approach to medicine that empowers you to reach your highest expression of wellness.