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November 6, 2023

Long COVID Treatment Program FAQs

Long COVID Treatment Program FAQs

When are you pausing patient referrals for PIH’s Long COVID Treatment Program?

Monday, November 6, 2023.

What if my doctor has sent a referral in before Nov 6, 2023, and I haven’t heard from the clinic?

We have appointment dates for all new consultations received before Nov 6, and PIH will be contacting you with an appointment date shortly.

What if I am a follow-up patient of Dr. Bakshi’s for Long COVID?

Dr. Bakshi will provide follow-up care through May 2024, and provide a treatment plan to your family physician in her absence.

What happens to prescriptions?

At your follow-up appointments, please speak with Dr. Bakshi about your prescription renewals to get you through this period.

I am not a Long COVID patient but a general internal medicine patient of Dr. Bakshi’s who sees her monthly. How will Dr. Bakshi’s absence affect me?

PIH will phone you to book a follow up with a covering physician.

What do I do about my Long COVID in the meantime?

Beginning November 6, 2023, Long COVID patient referrals will be returned to the referring physician with a thorough Medical Management guideline for Long COVID patients to support your physician in helping with your symptoms.

We now know that rehab and allied health are incredibly important to the management and recovery from Long COVID. We encourage those suffering from Long COVID to seek consults with our Client Care team, who can support you in developing a treatment plan using allied health modalities.

PIH has developed additional Long COVID resources, including an informational video and a recording of our recent educational webinar on Long COVID. You may access them here <LINK>.

What about disability forms?

Dr. Bakshi will complete any forms required over these next few months; however, future long-term disability forms will need to be authorized by a family doctor with documentation sent by Dr. Bakshi at your final visit.

Still have questions? Please connect with us at clientcare@pihealth.ca.