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October 24, 2021

Medical Services

Medical Services at Park Integrative Health

What is medical health care?

Medical care at Park Integrative Health encompasses traditional western medicine delivered by a family doctor. Our team of physicians offer comprehensive family medicine, as well as internal medicine by referral.

When should I visit a physician at PIH?

You should visit your family physician at Park Integrative Health for any of the following:

– Routine examination

– Acute/sick examination

– WCB examination

– Well/sick infant/child

– Vision

– Wellness examinations

– Prenatal care

– Minor office surgical procedure

– Immunization

– Allergy shots

– Ear flushing

– Staples/stitches removal

– Drivers medical

– Access to subspecialty internal medicine services

What should I expect from a medical health care appointment?

Medical appointments will vary depending on the individual patient and their health concerns. You may expect a regular check-up, acute/sick examination, WCB examination, well/sick infant exams, child vision, wellness examinations, prenatal care, or minor office surgical procedures.


We also offer access to subspecialty internal medicine services.