Gregg’s Health Journey

Gregg 39-year old Construction Manager “It was tough for me to admit that I needed help.”

It was tough for me to admit that I needed help.

My knees have been bothering me for a few years – especially in cold weather. When you’re in construction, your body is at the mercy of the elements. When you’re younger it doesn’t seem as bad. But it wears on you. My wife kept telling me to go see someone. She’s the type of person who takes care of herself and the kids. For me, I think I had forgotten what it is like to feel better.

Last summer, I tripped carrying the playhouse that we purchased for the kids. It was just a tumble. But, that little ache in my knees worsened. My knees hurt so much that I had a hard time walking. I had to take some time off work.

That wasn’t the worst part. The worst part was not being able to play with my kids.

That was the moment that I knew things had to change.

I just didn’t know where to begin.

Karen took the kids to Park Integrative Health when she heard that their family physician was accepting new patients. Karen asked if the doctor she would be willing to see me for my knees. Dr. Sigurdson suggested that acupuncture might really help with my knee pain. The team let her know that in addition to medical services, Park Integrative Health has a whole team of allied health professionals.

So, I put my pride aside and I went.

Because I want to be able to enjoy time with my family.

The registered acupuncturist that I saw was very knowledgeable. She listened to my story and explained what I might expect from acupuncture. She let me know that these types of injuries take time to heal and that she would do her very best to support me. She explained how acupuncture works and recommended that we incorporate laser therapy into my treatment plan.

From the moment that I walked in the door I knew that I was in good hands.

It’s only been a few treatments – but I feel different. My knees ache less. I’ve stopped taking pain medication.

And last weekend, I got to play outside with my kids.