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October 24, 2021

Nutrition Consulting

Nutrition Consulting at Park Integrative Health

What is nutrition consulting?

Our health is multi-faceted. What we choose to put in our body is one important part of how we feel. At Park Integrative Health, through our multidisciplinary approach to healing, clients have the option of including nutrition counselling. Seeing our Registered Dietitian or Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant allows clients to experience a supportive, non-judgmental atmosphere to develop strategies to reach their nutrition-related goals.


Nutrition is focused on the interaction between the food and drink we put in our body and our health. Nutrition helps us manage our health, including different physical and mental conditions. Through nutrition counselling, our team empowers clients to learn about, understand, and embrace the many important facets of food and nutrition.


It can be challenging to navigate the overwhelming amount of information available on diet and nutrition. Using our client-centered approach, and working collaboratively with a client’s team of allied health professionals, we translate scientific research into practical recommendations and strategies that work for the individual.

When should I visit a Certified Holistic Consultant, Registered Dietitian, or Intuitive Eating Coach?

Whether you have a chronic health condition or just want to get your eating habits back on track, we can support you in making improvements to your eating patterns, help you find enjoyment in cooking, and provide clarity around the many nutrition-related myths and misconceptions.


Our Nutrition team will work with you to develop individualized nutrition care plans that fit your lifestyle and meet your personal health and wellness goals.


Visit us for:


– Diet and lifestyle counselling

– Diet management for disease

– Meal planning support

– Sports nutrition

– Prenatal nutrition

– Family mealtime struggles (ie. picky eating)

– Whole food and toxic-free living recommendations

What should I expect from a nutrition consulting appointment?

During a nutrition counselling appointment, our Registered Dietitian, Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant, or Intuitive Eating Coach will spend time getting to know you, your relevant medical history, current eating patterns, and any challenges you may experience with food and nutrition. You will be encouraged to set small, achievable goals to support improvements to your health. You will leave your appointment with tangible strategies and ideas to support you in meeting the goals you set.