PIH is proud to partner with brands and influencers who are active in their community and value an integrative approach to wellness.
March 1, 2022

Our Brand Ambassadors

Meet PIH's Brand Ambassadors

Justine Alyssa

“I choose to partner with PIH because I respect their integrative and collaborative approach to healthcare. The blend of western and eastern medicine allows for a customized treatment plan that is unique to my specific needs. I also highly value the care that they have put into making their space inclusive for all individuals (i.e., disability access, diaper changing tables, genderless washrooms).”

Anton Atienza

“After hearing countless reviews from my friends and inner circles about their experiences with Park Integrative Health’s Allied teams, I knew I had to experience it first-hand. From my first treatment up until now, Park Integrative Health’s Massage Therapy team has helped improve my body’s overall well-being. From targeting problem spots and treating them, I know I’m in good hands with Park Integrative Health.”

Linda Hoang

“I love how many health services Park Integrative Health offers all under one roof. I also think their healthcare providers—at least the ones I’ve had the pleasure of receiving support from—are amazing. Skilled in their areas of expertise, professional but also just generally cool people. I don’t even live in Sherwood Park but it’s worth the drive out, ha!”

Kira Paran

“I choose Park Integrative Health because it offers the best of both western and eastern health disciplines. It’s a far more balanced approach to my healthcare journey. Instead of these practices working separately it feels fair more harmonious and inclusion. I know I’m optimizing my treatment time when I can fit in a visit during my busy schedule.” 

Lyndsey Smith

“As a busy mom and entrepreneur, my life revolves around convenience and I love that Park Integrative Health offers a variety of services all under one roof! The fact that they offer a mix of western and holistic practices is also something that my family loves. Their healthcare providers are also very collaborative when coming up with treatment plans which is amazing!” 

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