Kelley Mitchell

Kelley is a Registered Psychologist (R. Psych.) and Certified Hakomi Therapist (CHT) who loves helping people discover their personal power. Her focus is on supporting individuals in growing self-acceptance, compassion, and confidence, which ultimately leads to personal empowerment. Through a holistic psychology approach, she supports clients in experimenting with creating the life they desire, one choice at a time.


Within a collaborative therapeutic relationship, she honours clients’ internal wisdom and creativity, which are central in guiding self-discovery, acceptance, and healing. We work as a team to help you transform behaviours, thoughts, beliefs, experiences, or relationships that limit you. She can help you learn how to set healthy boundaries, learn how to say no to things that no longer serve you, say yes to those things that do, and learn how to live centered from your truth.


Kelley integrates aspects of evidence-based cognitive approaches with body-centered, experiential, mindfulness-based approaches (i.e. Hakomi) to support you in cultivating self-awareness and increasing your personal empowerment. The healing power of this approach is guided by your awareness. Understanding the difference between the expanded self and self-limiting responses allows you freedom of choice.