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Our goal at Park Integrative Health is to empower each individual to reach their highest expression of health and wellness by working with a team of collaborative professionals to address the root cause(s) of illness and/or injury.

Why integrative healthcare?

Because we believe in helping our clients return to a state of remembered wellness — that means putting them at the center of their care.

We are incorporating and elevating allied health professions alongside allopathic medicine. This demands a paradigm shift for practitioners, clients and stakeholders. By facilitating a collaborative environment, we’re breaking down the barriers for professionals from different backgrounds to help each other all for the benefit of the patient.


Park Integrative Health's Services

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We regularly host community events in our clinic space. Here’s what we’ve got going on…

What some of our wonderful clients are saying about Park Integrative Health:

“Park Integrative has the BEST staff!”

“I called today for a possible last minute appointment and the receptionist offered to call a therapist and see if they were available to come in and take me. What service! The massage therapist who looked after me was so informative and so helpful in relieving my major discomfort from pain. Thank you SO much for helping me. I couldn’t be more grateful. Will definitely be back and recommending to friends in the meantime!”

“Really friendly service, and a great atmosphere. They took the time to explain everything that was going on and answered any questions I had. My experience at Park Integrative was an awesome one!”