Park Integrative Health offers a spectrum of services, from routine medical care to specialized wellness programs individually designed with specific patient goals in mind.

Routine Examination, Acute / Sick Examination, WCB Examination, Well / Sick Infant, Child Vision, Well Woman Examination, Prenatal Care, Minor Office Surgical Procedure, Access to Subspecialty Internal Medicine Services

Relaxation, Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy Massage

Chronic conditions, Digestive concerns, Reproductive health concerns, Circulatory disturbances, Disease prevention

Injury Recovery, Stress, Trauma, Women’s Heath, Wellness

Weight loss, Sports Nutrition, Nutritional Counselling, Customized Meal Plans, Metabolic Testing, Food Sensitivity Testing

We provide counselling to adults, youths, children, family and LGBTQ demographics. We also provide service delivery to individuals, couples, family and groups. Click on Learn More to view the variety of approaches our psychologists offer.

The technique is centered on the concept that your body has a natural ability to heal itself.